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Were These Two Players CHEATING In Solos By Teaming? You Decide!

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Information Were These Two Players CHEATING In Solos By Teaming? You Decide!

Title :  Were These Two Players CHEATING In Solos By Teaming? You Decide!
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Frames Were These Two Players CHEATING In Solos By Teaming? You Decide!

Description Were These Two Players CHEATING In Solos By Teaming? You Decide!

Comments Were These Two Players CHEATING In Solos By Teaming? You Decide!

Ultra Master
Only Tabor Hill can truly capture the intensity of a heated battle and describe it in a way that keeps one on the edge of his seat. It was like being there in person.
Comment from : Ultra Master

You should've said imagine being so bad you have to camp in a tower and team with a bot
Comment from : ARandomShoppingCart

Meme S
i was so mad when they said that to mister jack i hope they get banned
Comment from : Meme S

Aiden Banuelos
Dude he has a YouTube its
Comment from : Aiden Banuelos

Stoven Brussles
Yea this is def teaming
Comment from : Stoven Brussles

el chapo oficial
I wish i were there so i would kill them in fortnite and jack is not ugly he is a nice and cool kid
Comment from : el chapo oficial

why do i exist 2020
Hello would you like to 1v1 me?
Comment from : why do i exist 2020

Epic Dawn
That's so rude to say 😡😡
Comment from : Epic Dawn

Shai Buckell
Im late but this is beyond ridiculous such mickey mouse bull squash!
Comment from : Shai Buckell

Taryn Coon
Comment from : Taryn Coon

Taryn Coon
we teamed i killed him
Comment from : Taryn Coon

Taryn Coon
i killed aplastafritas
Comment from : Taryn Coon

j r
I died to I crank 90ds today! Thanks for looking out tabor
Comment from : j r

Oh yeah...they were definitely teaming! Alot of cheating lately! I've been the victim of aimbot and glitch kills lately
Comment from : LoRdBlOoDsToNe28

Rock Roll
They were teaming
Comment from : Rock Roll

they are just BOTS
Comment from : That_God

Dashy And Tato
@Tabor Hill what PS4 theme is that
Comment from : Dashy And Tato

SamTube Raw
They are cheating and they need to be banned
Comment from : SamTube Raw

MyNameIs Unknown
Idk I would focus on one guy too in this situation you because you weren't boxed
I wouldn't waste ammo on the other guy
Edit: after seeing the whole vid
Definitely teaming

Comment from : MyNameIs Unknown

Kaos Animation and more
He made a video itakkeskulls
Comment from : Kaos Animation and more

I know this is a week old but THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME IN SOLOS and it was just so
annoying and especially how they were toxic to you but really, How bad do you need to be to team in solos?

Comment from : Elias

Zebra 783
There's always negitivaty in the world just stay positive
Comment from : Zebra 783

Noah Wright
Tabor is awsome
Comment from : Noah Wright

Luis Figueroa
They cheating ir happened to me too
Comment from : Luis Figueroa

Artie Russ
They should just go play in duos if they want to help each other
Comment from : Artie Russ

Fluffy Sonic
If they wanted to team why didn't they play duos they would probably would not have much difference
Comment from : Fluffy Sonic

For calling, Jack ugly they should get stream sniped every game.
Comment from : Darkness

Alex Macaulay
you use combat pro?
Comment from : Alex Macaulay

Charlie Bucher
I've seen the retaliation video tho guys just seem like punks and they are taking shots at u but there Not worth wasting your time They have a whole 360 subs i don't want to start so that's all I have to say about that
Comment from : Charlie Bucher

Fusion KaiFN
I watched the teamers vid he’s a baby lol
Comment from : Fusion KaiFN

I’m pretty sure that if you ready up from the game you get in the game with the same people.
Comment from : michhunt

Zack Diana
What kind of person are you if you call someone’s son ugly right to their face, sheesh, the nerve of some people is unreal. And saying it to such a good kid is just awful😔. I love your videos, keep up the good work Tabor👍🏼
Comment from : Zack Diana

This cheating is so unfair and those cheaters are so rude and selfish. Most likely if they get banned they will make another account and cheat again to bother more people. So annoying.
Comment from : pinkgirlsrule2

Jayden Olmo
Why does these people have to do my man jackers like that? So messed up smh.
Comment from : Jayden Olmo

I'm rlly sorry I did this
Comment from : Kalico

This was me sorry
Comment from : Kalico

These guys clearly want attention and to be noticed good that it didn't get to far.
Comment from : BoiSeason

TPL Galaxy
What losers dude
Comment from : TPL Galaxy

The JK Studios
He bee fuming
Comment from : The JK Studios

Did they get banned?
Comment from : Francisco

imagine if TreBolzOnYoutube or I_Crank_90Ds commented on this vid
Comment from : Meliokage69

Jon Musliu
Hi, Tabor Hill. If u havent finnished the challenge already...try joining team rumble matches, which puts u directly on 2nd place, so just join team rumble and as soon as you land, leave the match and it counts as top 10
Comment from : Jon Musliu

Gina Perry
They are bots
Comment from : Gina Perry

What is you pan username??
Comment from : CapetFN

First game, saw no sus, its possible. Second game was very sus. Definitely teaming.
Comment from : Jay_Z1620

Thebadboyislit 24
Nice video but I hate how he called jack ugly just rude
Comment from : Thebadboyislit 24

action taken O-o
Comment from : DRIamLegion

gravity sbc
Is siren head real
Comment from : gravity sbc

Issa Mohammad
they are trying to stream snipe you
Comment from : Issa Mohammad

Issa Mohammad
i think that he was getting all his focus on you because when the guy redeployed his glider that guy on the hill was shooting you only but what i did see is yes he is teaming cuz he didn't shoot him 1 time
Comment from : Issa Mohammad

Day 54 of trying to get famous off of comments pls guys sub to me
Comment from : Anysavage2116

I had teamers in solos aswell
Comment from : RealJayy

Mike Rodriguez
Yeah they are actually cheating banned them
Comment from : Mike Rodriguez

Angry Denthy
Comment from : Angry Denthy

Jairo Boyz
The dude teamed up because he sucks at the game and he needed another person to help him get a win
Comment from : Jairo Boyz

Loso Brazy
lol they won’t get anywhere in life
Comment from : Loso Brazy

Jordie Wings
How did they get in your game? Were you streaming?
Comment from : Jordie Wings

Dark Red
Did they get banned or sent to hell
Comment from : Dark Red

Mitch Sisley
Comment from : Mitch Sisley

These people are honestly trash
Comment from : Siege_0

Shumayl Gamingfpcc
Jack is not ugly 🤬Jack is cute ❤️
Comment from : Shumayl Gamingfpcc

Daws Rockz
Itakkeskullz made a video about you on this topic u should watch it it’s his newest video
Comment from : Daws Rockz

The Blums
I think I found the guys YouTube channel it is iTakkeSkullz and Trebolz.
Comment from : The Blums

Morne Keeble
Tabor Hill don’t worry stuff like this happened 2 me their just sad toxic kids tell jack I said hi
Comment from : Morne Keeble

same thing happened to me today i was playing solos and there was these to people underneath me and were like ligit 15 or 20 meters away from each other but ONLY went for me and one of them was a shadow skye i dont know if it is them tho
Comment from : CEO OF CRINGE

Fuego Ultrraz
Trebolz is trying to make everybody like him.
Comment from : Fuego Ultrraz

Curly Fryz
I feel like they have seen this video already and are too afraid to comment anything😂
Comment from : Curly Fryz

Man this happened to me but they got banned lol
Comment from : SeaSUSHIGAMER

Imagine being toxic and teaming in solos.
Comment from : Scoobzz

Imagine teaming in solos to get a dub, for shame. Hope the evidence gets them banned for a while
Comment from : MistahScout

Paul Young
Tabor maybe you should report the message to PlayStation and then report them to epic games for teaming
Comment from : Paul Young

Abrar TJツ
Im so mad at them.
Comment from : Abrar TJツ

Paper Three
I hope you got justice tabor love your videos use code TaborTime
Comment from : Paper Three

William Lett
Bruh I hope these kid get there PlayStation smash and taken away
Comment from : William Lett

imagine teaming to win and then insulting someones child. Seriously how unloved you have to be to do such things.
Comment from : ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

Okay, he was being (sorry for my language) a bitch.
Comment from : FBI

mylo ll
I pulled their IP and I Can't say where they live, but I can hold their internet for days
Comment from : mylo ll

This guys try to turn your fanbase against you icrank90sds made a video about you and he said you started to trash talking and he also said that he didn't said Jacky is ugly he said that you are ugly because you record your son for views

I don't believe what icrank90s says but can you clear it

Comment from : parisyolo_K

Dylan Dickens
I think they are guilty
Comment from : Dylan Dickens

Purple Emeraldz
You should’ve said “ imagine being so bad that you have to team in a solo match to get a win😂”
Comment from : Purple Emeraldz

Tobias Godske Højgaard
it happened to me with the same guys in a top 3 where they litteraly stood side by side firing rockets at me and they had the same name as the team in your video
Comment from : Tobias Godske Højgaard

Joy Paige
You should 1v1 them
Comment from : Joy Paige

I totally agree with you tabor they were being little b- words and i hope they get banned because jack had nothing to do with it so they need to back off and they should get banned because they are just going to over the edge of video games
Comment from : ツOwenSavageBaller-_-

Just to give you a heads up. I'm a person that like to see all perspectives. Those two Playes made videos CONFIRMING that they teamed up on you. I'm doing this not cause of the game but because they went for a minor (who was not playing). That, that is what pisses me off. If there dumb enough to Conifrm the cheated. Get them banned please.
Comment from : Y3M3L

Shadow The Hedgehog
People need to stop bullying kids
Comment from : Shadow The Hedgehog

Karan Gaming 06
You can land at dirty docks in team rumble and leave and it still counts (hope that helped anyone)
Comment from : Karan Gaming 06

This happens most of the time now :/ happened to me
Comment from : XxBl4Zz2dxX

GHOST_bredx GG
They honestly suck for doing that
Comment from : GHOST_bredx GG

Ky Ch
I teamed the other day I was playing duos and we saw someone dancing and we won
Comment from : Ky Ch

Michael Tieng
This is do un fair dude! If i was to run into him i would try and destroy him and report him if I got a chance to play with him I would have a talk with him and say to say sorry to you
Comment from : Michael Tieng

Kingz Pedro_
They deserve to get banned
Comment from : Kingz Pedro_

Gr Lazy
Man how do u call a kid ugly when 1 you don't really know the kid very well btw love your vids and 2 pull up what has to be the worst acting on PlayStation like really did they that he will believe it
Man sad that they can't lie or even act

Comment from : Gr Lazy

Bravest Eagle
Imagine teaming in solos
Comment from : Bravest Eagle

the annihilator
They probally saw your name in the kill feed and decided to randomly team up against you.
Comment from : the annihilator

Dredan Spease
Both of these people are 9 year olds
Comment from : Dredan Spease

That’s missed up

Pure Coffee-
Lol if you go to Trebolz video he disabled comments to he wouldn’t get hated and face the facts that both of them are wrong about what they are saying in the video. It’s pathetic if you’re gonna make a video about the drama than you should be able to explain our questions and hate in the comments.
Comment from : Pure Coffee-

Craig likes albert
You have to be braindead to call a child ugly. Those guys are so disrespectful
Comment from : Craig likes albert

Rocket Dino
I mean yes totally they need to get banned. But.... will i get banned for giving an actual deafult a weapon...?
Comment from : Rocket Dino

Craig likes albert
The funny part is they disabled their comments because they know people are gonna hate because its obvious they were cheating, Dumbass's
Comment from : Craig likes albert

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